News from Fiona

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic Fiona is having to change the way her sessions are carried out, however, the sessions will remain as relaxed and welcoming as possible. Please before you arrive can you read through these questions. If any of the answers are yes then unfortunately you cannot book an appointment until a 14 day isolation period has elapsed after your symptoms have gone. 

Covid-19 Triage Screening Questionnaire Please answer each of the following questions: 

1.In the last 2 weeks have you or anyone in your household had:-

a) high temperature/fever?                                                                        

b) a sore throat?                                                                                           

c) loss/change to smell or taste?                                                             

d) persistent dry cough/ worsening pre-existing cough?                       

2. Have you been in close contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been:

a) diagnosed with Covid-19/has coronavirus-type symptoms?            

b) contacted by the NHS test and trace service and told to self-isolate?          


3. Have you been told to stay home, self-isolate or self-quarantine?              

4. Have you had a new rash on your body or feet?                              

You will be asked at the start of the session to sign a document stating that you are have answered no to all the questions about to help with tracing. All signed documents will be kept private unless a client develops coronavirus in the future.