How much does it cost to attend a Yoga session?

1.5hr session costs £10.00, individual session costs £35.00

How long does each Yoga session last?

Sessions last 1.5hrs, if you need any help to decide which class would be suitable for you, then don't hesitate to contact us

How fit do I need to be to attend a Yoga class?

Our classes are very relaxed, you can go at your own pace, taking rests whenever you feel you need them.

What do I wear for Yoga?

Loose, comfortable stretchy clothing - leggings/tracksuit and a t-shirt are ideal.

Do I need special equipment?

Just yourself and if you have a Yoga mat bring that; if not we can provide.

What do I wear for KORE?

Normal loose, comfortable clothing.  The treatment is given whilst the client is fully clothed (you may be asked to take off your belt, shoes and watch).  For Anmo Fu, the stomach area is massaged directly on the skin and cups are applied directly to the back for cupping.

Will KORE hurt?

KORE is a gentle treatment, and is aiming to heal, relax and treat body alignment and internal problems.  Clients will experience many different sensations - but nothing stronger than a deep tissue massage.

How does KORE therapy work?

KORE awakens the body to the knowledge of its own injuries.  The therapist then releases the problem areas and this then allows the energy of the body to flow. 

Why is KORE different to physiotherapy?

Unlike physiotherapy, KORE is not just a system of exercises (although you may be given some by Fiona).   KORE is about the flow of energy in your body.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it uses specific techniques for each problem.  Tui-na is a massage technique used on the back, Anmo Fu is deep abdominal massage, Qi Gung is used to move energy around the body.  Cupping, Cranial Balancing and Stress release techniques are also utilised on areas of the body as needed.

What oil do you use and what if I have allergies?

We use Arbonne Rescue and Renue.    For further information you can look on www.arbonne.com.  If this product isn't suitable for any reason then please contact us and we can find a viable alternative.

What is Food Tolerance Testing?

In KORE, we use the sense of smell to test for intolerance of food.  Smelling live food is the strongest way to see an immediate physical reaction.  It is not a science, but provides an insight into the cause of a food intolerance condition  Digesting food  which we are intolerant to results in the body using more energy in trying to process it, which can leave you feeling tired and bloated - not all 'good food' is good for you!

What is Anmo Fu?

Anmo Fu is an ancient healing system from China.  It is a deep abdominal massage which we use to balance internal organs, clear blockages and promote good flow within.

What is Qi Gung?

Qi Gung is energy work.  You may feel this in your body as heat.

How long is a KORE session?

A KORE session will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour and may incorporate elements of several treatments.  A Cupping session or Anmo Fu session takes 30 minutes.  Amno Fu and Food Tolerance takes 45 minutes.