Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement (KORE) is a unique treatment and assessment system that can treat a variety of chronic conditions.   It incorporates Western diagnosis methods with Eastern treatment therapies. 

KORE therapy has had a huge impact on the fitness and sporting world - being utilised by top athletes and the British Army to aid recovery, enhance performance and treat underlying conditions. 

Each KORE session starts the same way - the therapist completes a fully clothed painless diagnosis by testing muscles.  Once the problem and its root cause have been established, the client receives a series of treatments to relieve any pain, reduce stress, encourage recovery and restore energy levels.  

Every treatment combination is unique to the client's requirements, however, it may include; cupping, cranial balancing, Anmo Fu (deep organ massage), Tui-na (deep tissue massage), Qi gung (energy balancing), Acupuncture and food tolerance testing. 

The aim of the treatment is to realign the body so that it can return to working efficiently.  Post treatment, Fiona can also provide bespoke exercise programmes to facilitate rehabilitation and enhance recovery maintenance.

As well as accelerating sporting performance, it has been discovered that KORE therapy and Acupuncture is very effective at treating a large variety of conditions including: back pain, neck problems, sports injuries, asthma, migraines, digestive issues (including IBS/Crohn's disease), depression, skin complaints, arthritis, fatigue, infertility, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, stress - and many more besides. 

Treatment can be on a regular basis or may last several sessions depending on the individual's requirements. Some changes can be quick and dramatic, whilst others may take longer - it depends on your body and how long you've had your injury. 

KORE Body Alignment Therapy