"I went with an open mind not really sure what the treatment was....  but thought anything is better than nothing ....having suffered unexplainable bad joint pain for the past year, with hip pain previously and waking up stiff and tired every morning!  I am pleased to report that after having 2 sessions during my holidays back home in Dumfriesshire  I have woken up in my own bed with no stiffness and managed climbing Merrick (800+meters) with NO HIP PAIN...I am looking forward to my return to work through my list... but feel more confident to try more physical activity now without having consequences.. THANK YOU FIONA!"


"After seeing physiotherapists and sports therapists Fiona was recommended to me by a friend.  I was told to go with an open mind and 2 sessions later my Plantar Fasciitis had gone.  Highly recommended, especially if you want to leave with knowledge about your injuries other than just the standard stretches you get from the physio."

Tia's Mum

"Took my daughter, a 13 years old dancer, to KORE with an injured hamstring and on 2 crutches.  Tia came out of the first session off her crutches, attended 2 more sessions and with the therapy and advice given on stretching and exercise too, she is now fully fit and also no longer experiencing strains or pain even after a small break from dancing, which she always did in the past.  Thank you xx"

Lewis' Mum

"My son Lewis, a competitive swimmer, has started attending KORE sessions, not for a particular injury, but for relaxation, strength and flexibility, to benefit him before he attends big national events.  He always leaves his sessions feeling good inside and out.  Thank you xx"


"I can't recommend KORE therapy enough.  I dislocated, fractured, cut the nerves and wrecked the muscles in my shoulder and arm after falling off my bike.  I underwent surgery to remove bone fragments, put bones back into the correct place with screws, moved the muscles into the right place and stitched them back up.  My recovery has been a long process.  However, KORE therapy has definitely sped up my recovery.  Regular sessions have not only eased the pain, they have increased movement and they have been very relaxing.  My surgeon and physio have been amazed at the speed of my recovery and I truly believe this is down to Fiona's voodoo magic.  Thank you so much! "


 "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today and how great I felt afterwards. It’s miraculous! I will crack on with the exercises and be in touch very soon for another appointment. In the meantime, would it be possible to make an appointment for my hubby?!​"